Get Ready for MRC’s Lagoon Castaway Summer Camp!

20170605-summer-camp-highlightSpend the week marooned in the Lost Lagoon with MRC's Lagoon Castaway Camp! Middle school students will explore the Indian River Lagoon with the assistance of local guides and research biologists who helped them escape their sinking ship.
Learn how to navigate the scattered spoil islands of the Lagoon and identify materials for building camp. Campers will encounter the local Native Americans, the Ais Indians, and settlers who will share recipes and teach the explorers how to eat from the Lagoon’s bountiful harvest. They will encounter treacherous pirates who may be friend or foe. Mermaids may even be spotted on this lost adventure. We never know what to expect when trekking through the Lost Lagoon!
June 5–9, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Space is Limited—Register Today!