Save the Indian River Lagoon (IRL)!

Save the IRLTake Action! Become a Lagoon Lifesaver! Together we can save the Indian River Lagoon!

Do your part to save the Indian River Lagoon by making changes in your everyday life to reduce the amount of pollutants entering the lagoon, by volunteering to actively restore or educate, by speaking up in policymaking arenas, or by supporting the Lagoon Lifesavers Campaign.

no dumping -- drains to river

Get Active: Learn what you can do to help the Indian River Lagoon in your own home and in our community. Discover volunteer opportunities and day-to-day practices you can start now that will reduce the amount of pollution entering the lagoon. CLICK HERE for details.

Speak Up: Engage your political leadership in the mission to restore the Indian River Lagoon. CLICK HERE for details.

Support the Campaign: Support MRC consensus-building programs such as the Lagoon Action Assembly consensus building summit in May 2014, MRC's “What you can do to save the IRL” Brown Bag luncheon presentations, and our Lagoon Leaders business education and promotion program. CLICK HERE for details.

Things you can do: Everyone contributes to the pollution entering the lagoon and we can all take steps to reduce that footprint. For everyday activities you can do to reduce your households impact on the Indian River Lagoon CLICK HERE.